Friday, September 23, 2016

These are sources I trust.

Wildlife  This website, is a very good source to find information on. This website gives you seasons, dates, shooting times, laws, private areas and also public areas. This source is incredible cause it also keeps you updated if something changes in the regulation book.  "Passport Challenge"

United States Fish & Wildlife Service  This website give you general hunting information, fishing, duck stamp information, and also migratory bird information. For example if you were a bird watcher, you could go to this website click on migratory bird information and you can follow and kind of bird you were interested in following.  "The sweetest hunts are stolen. To steal a hunt, either go far into the wilderness where no one has ever been, or else find some undiscovered place under everybody’s nose."


 Eastman's Hunting Journal For me as a hunter, this is a very big time website in the hunting industry. Eastman's hunting is strictly about true hunting and back country backpacking into the wilderness. If you are looking for good gear ad tips, Eastman's hunting is a very good website to go on and collect information. “10% of the hunters kill 90% of the animals.” So if 10% of the hunters kill 90% of the game, what are the other 90% doing wrong?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hunting and Fishing.

I chose Hunting and Fishing because growing up around Humboldt County I have really caught on to the outdoors. I mostly hunt deer, ducks, and many kinds of other small game. Also most of the time I usually do not have much patience for fishing. But the last few years I have fallen in love with it more because of the excitement of ripping lips. Hunting includes very good patience, and to be able to stand nasty weather.

Every year, my dad, Roger, and I go out of state to hunt Mule deer bucks. We usually go to Nevada and stay for a week out in the wilderness mountains. Every year it consist of taking off on a Friday night and driving all night until we arrive on Saturday. Killing a mule deer is only once or twice in a lifetime experience.

For me I have fell more in love with the sport of fishing than I did when I was younger. Growing up and living by the eel river, me and my dad spent most of our time down there on the weekends when the fish were running. When I was eight I caught my first steelhead fish. Relaxing on the river and ripping lips is a very relaxing feeling.