Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Duck hunting out of a scull boat *

As a die hard waterfowl hunter, every duck hunters dream is to kill limits of ducks. Scull boats: Waterfowl Stealth Hunting by Chad Dolbeare tells about scull boats, a very low profile boat that sits low on the water, and looks like a floating log coming your way. By putting these boats to work, it takes a very high skill tolerance and patience's. By controlling these boats, the oar motion to get the boat to go strait is a figure eight motion. It can be very hard, and frustrating to learn right off the bat. Scull boats were originated over 100 years ago in Northeastern United States. There are a many styles of boats out there. There are the Nellis, Delashment, Burdick, and knock off of other brands. Most of these boats were originally made out of wood and during more modern times they were made using fiberglass.

The modern scull boat has a neoprene or leather boot, that is installed into the transom where the oar goes through. You usually won't find these boats around your usual boat yard or sporting good stores. Most of these boats are stored away and secretly used when the season comes around. Most of the scullers, don't post pictures or show off their boat, because it is a hidden sport. Scull boats come in a two man boat, or a single man boat if you are a solo hunter. With my family owning four scull boats, we do most of the fiberglass, and repairing on our boats. We also make our own sculling oars. If you are a hunter, who shoots specific birds sculling is a very good way to outsmart those rare birds. The three things you need in your favor when sculling, is very light wind, sun at your back, and sculling with the tide. If you follow these three steps you have a better chance of getting on birds.

Scull Boats weigh around 100-115 pounds, It really depends on if the boat is fiberglass or wood on how heavy the weight of the scull boat is. When hunting on a lake, bay or open water, it can be a good idea to put leaves, eel grass, or even sticks and branches on the deck of the scull boat. For that purpose, it blends you in with the background you are sculling in. This can increase your odds of getting on birds. Also, when sculling solo you want to put a weight at the nose off the boat to keep the nose down on the water. If not the nose will point slightly up and can make a wake to scare, or aggravate the birds.

Sculling ducks