Friday, March 3, 2017

Zink goose call

Goose hunting has been a part of my life since i was just a little kid. Through many year of goose hunting my dream was to compete in goose calling competitions. There are many different techniques in mastering goose calling. The different sounds, clacks, pitches, and tones make the difference on finishing a goose into the decoys are just have the goose looking. Over the years I have studied and tried different brands of goose calls. I have used basin calls, Bushnell, flex tone, quack boy, and flambe stone calls. But my person experience there is nothing like a high pitch ZINK call. I have been using zink calls for the last 5 years. I have not yet found a flaw about the zink call that i haven't liked. These calls are very durable and very good under cold stormy weather. With most of the goose calls i have used they are poor under cold weather, and plug up with spit when you are trying to finish a goose into the spread. With the zink pro these calls never plug up and are always durable when finishing that big cackler goose.

With many years practicing I have caught on to the different techniques. When you are calling geese you aren't just blowing the call. The main key is the TIME, time between clacks, pitches, and time between the tone. If a goose is committed into the decoys there is one major technique in that meet and the is the LOW pitch black. The clack indicates for that goose that their are other geese on the ground and he i letting the geese know that he is coming in to end his flight. To catch a goose's attention is the HIGH pitch clack. This indicates the geese on the ground are  to get the other goose to land with them so he is safe. And finally is the comeback call. The comeback call is the most important sound off all of the sounds. The comeback is a mix of all of the different sounds, clucks, chirps, and tones. This call can turn a goose around in no time.   If you apply these techniques out in the fields your chance of smashing down on geese are high. But there are no better call out their  than the Zink pro call. Zink CallsSnow Storm™ Acrylic Goose Call