Friday, March 31, 2017

Best duck call



  1. That call sounds super pure I bet it took time to be able to sound that good, you can really see you know what you are doing when you use a call. Sounds almost as good as a real life duck ;) I hope you had a great waterfowl season this year!

  2. Hey thanks bud! I got this corn field on notella lane. Full of mallards and penny's. I would love to take you on a hunt of a life time. My number is 707-496-youwish. Give me a call at that number, and we will have to put the hurt down on the waterfowl population this winter.

  3. Holden, wow I thought you were a big goose caller bud? You should really be thinking about getting into duck call competitions. The way you make the quack it sounds like real life maaaallard. The only thing I would maybe work on is that feeder call. It is still good but when you're in competitions you need that to perfection. The man thing I really enjoyed was that loud sounding comeback call. There is no doubt that a flock of mallards would turn around and be locked up in your decoy spread with their feet dangling when you hit that perfect comeback call and a good feeder call. Thanks for talking about calling big guy maybe we can hit the field one day and I can show you a thing or two about hittin that prime feeder chuckle. No survivors.