Wednesday, April 12, 2017

5 ways to kill big bucks *

Five ways to kill big bucks
       1. Nasty Weather
Always check the weather before you go out hunting. The nasty weather will get the big bucks out of their beds and moving around to feed. During a hot sunny day, the big smart bucks will hold up under a log, stump, or brush to stay out of the heat. Also hunting in nasty weather can help you if you are stalking or trying to be really quiet. That reason is the ground is very moist and the leaves aren't loud when you step on them.

          2. Put in for other zones
                        Hunting in different states can change your perspective on hunting in California. There are so many different opportunities on killing big massive bucks outside of California. For example I was hunting in Nevada a couple years ago, and I was seeing 20-30 different bucks a day. Around here the majority of people will only see 2-3 different bucks a season. The success rate in different states can potentially be very high.

                       3. Hunting with dogs.
                         Hunting with dogs can be a huge advantage to killing a buck of a lifetime. Not only killing the buck, but helping you find the buck. Dogs can tell when a deer, or any animal is close by. Dogs will help push the buck out in front of you, and line you up for the perfect kill shot. The big smart bucks will let you walk right by them, if you are hunting solo. The dogs my family huts with are bred for tracking down deer, and treeing squirrels.

                      4. Scouting
                         Early season scouting is hands down the biggest tip for killing nice mature bucks. There are a few advantages of scouting before rifle season starts. First, you can pattern the buck from their sleeping area to where they are heading to feed. Big mature bucks like this have the same feeding routine everyday. When it comes to the season, you have done your research and you know exactly where the big buck is going to be. Second, is that the bucks will stay out in the open ground, and stay away from thick brush in the scouting season. That reason is because their horns are in velvet, and it hurts the bucks horns in the thick nasty brush.                                        
                     5. Tactics
                         Not only putting the work in, and hunting the extra mile, but having the right tactics in the mountain is very important. Having good scopes, cameras, guns, and gear will help you push the extra mile to kill the buck of a lifetime. Also having good rain gear, will help you push harder, and not give up in the nasty storm weather.

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Monday, April 3, 2017



The ultimate DIY turkey hunting gun. This gun is a 870 Remington express shotgun. Their are many positives about this gun. This gun can hold its recoil better than any shotgun out their.  Most shotgun triggers are anywhere from 4-6 pounds. On this 870 Remington shotgun the trigger is 3 pounds. “The sight on this gun is a trijicon MRO”. This gun comes with a red sight. Most veterans hunt with a red sight. That reason is because shooters pull their heads off the sight before even pulling the trigger to see if they got the animal they were hunting. This sight blends into your eye and helps concentrate on your final kill shot. The finish on this gun is mossy oak camo. This camo helps cover up dents, scratches, and helps keep the gun waterproof. Not only having the perfect perfect shotgun is essential, but having the right choke to hunt turkeys is the key. I prefer a full choke to keep my pattern tight and having a high amount of knock down power.

I have been hunting turkeys since the age of 12. Turkeys are one of my favorite animals to hunt. My first experience every killing a turkey was on nunya ridge. Its across from notella valley. Best turkey hunting spot around. We had a tom turkey come in from the bottom of the valley, and closed the range on him to 15 yards. I shot this big tom with my Remington  870 shotgun. The choke I used was a full choke. The full choke gave me a tight solid pattern, for a clean head shot.