Friday, May 12, 2017


Hunting is a very satisfying sport. Hunting has been around for over 2 million years before no guns, bows, or any type of firearm were invented. Ancient humans used complex hunting techniques to ambush deer, antelope, and many other wildgame. Most of the time the women would stay back at their huts, and take care of the kids while the men were out hunting to keep food stocked up for winter. Women hardly ever hunted for wildgame. As the years have passed, and the population has grown, it seems like more women are out in the mountains and fields hunting. Every year you see more women getting involved into hunting, and the outdoors. In fact in 2008, studies show that only 8% of women hunted for wildgame. In 2017, studies show that 11% of women are getting involved in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. As you can see, the percent keeps going up every year do to more women getting involved with hunting.

Tiffany Is one of the world's greatest female hunters to this day. She grew up in Twin City, now living on a farm in Iowa with her husband Lee. “She spends her passion for hunting” Getting more and more into her hunting career, Lee and Tiffany created their own hunting show called “Crush”. It is one of the most top watched programs on the hunting channels. Tiffany has definitely made a name behind herself by showing her skills, and passion into hunting. Tiffany did not hunt until she met her husband Lee, but loved to fish on her family's lake at home. Tiffany gave up her job as a flight attended 2 years ago when she fell in love with her dreams.

Too many people get caught up on the fact that “girls can't hunt”, or “girls don't hunt”. Typically people look at hunting as a male sport, instead of a male and female sport. I strongly disagree with this. As you can see in the paragraph above talking about Tiffany, you can see that chasing your hunting dreams is possible even being a female.